Equality is the ‘Asian Agenda’

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In a letter to the editor published today in The Hill, Carl Hum, vice president of policy and programs at Asian Americans Advancing Justice | AAJC, highlighted once again the power of the Asian American voting bloc. Asian Americans are the new “it” swing vote, and political candidates should invest the time learning what Asian Americans stand for.

Hum challenged Anne Kim’s Jan. 19 post “The myth of the ‘Asian vote,’ ” published on The Hill’s Contributors Blog.

“A reader…could come away with the impression that racial identity — at least when it comes to Asian-Americans — doesn’t matter in electoral politics.

But our research and experience tell us that while Asian-Americans are extremely diverse ethnically and economically, there is still common ground in how this new American voting bloc feels about key political and social issues. …

All in all, [our] survey [of 1,300 Asian American voters] indicated that Asian-Americans support equality — racially and economically — and support increased government spending over tax cuts.

This information can easily serve as the “Asian agenda,” but if candidates really wanted to understand Asian American communities, they need to get to know us personally — in language — to find out for themselves.”

Check out the full letter , and our infographic, “Asian Americans: Is Anyone Paying Attention to The Nation’s Fastest Growing Political Force?”

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