American Courage Award Honorees: Where Are They Now?

(Photo by AP)

2018 Recipient — Ai-jen Poo

(Photo: Lexey Swall for Rolling Stone)

2016 Recipient — Vanita Gupta

2015 Recipient — Eric H. Holder, Jr.

(Photo courtesy of Valarie Kaur)

2013 Recipient — Valarie Kaur

(Photo: Brian Everett Francis via Flickr)

2009 Recipient — Mallika Dutt

Photo courtesy of University of Hawai’i Foundation

2008 Recipient — Eric K. Yamamoto

Photo by Alex Wong for Getty Images

2005 Recipient — Major General Antonio Taguba



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Advancing Justice – AAJC

Advancing Justice – AAJC

Fighting for civil rights for all and working to empower #AsianAmericans to participate in our democracy.